Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Pistol 'Pete Maravich'

Since we're celebrating March Madness ( sorry Dukies), allow me to segue to the brilliance and tragedy of a basketball player and a person that is Pete Maravich - one of, if not, the greatest player to play college basketball.

More than an athlete, Pete was a tortured soul. There are plenty of great athletes but more than the beauty, it's the labour, both physically and mentally, that draws people to shake their heads and wonder how life is such a mystery after all the applause has died down. People like reading about achievements but it is the struggle which ultimately draws the connections with humankind - to remind everyone what it is to be human.

So please, if you've some money to spend and would like a great read on basketball, not just a sport but as an interesting story about a remarkable man, pick Maravich (and if you're through, send them to me). Fon now, I can only read Bill. And I could always wish for some more.
To think I had been pondering over setting up multiple kiddie hoop goals - but now resolve to delay teaching my daughter about basketball, not until she has been toilet-trained.

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